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CityU Scholars transition page

CityU Scholars Transition Page

CityU Scholars – Record Input – Dos and Don’ts

Your Own Role vs Trusted User
  • Exercise caution before assigning any trusted user
  • Use your own account to create records
  • Always check History and Comment if there is any issue
Inputting Records under RGC Category (Guide B6)
  • Understand RGC Categories (Guide E1)
  • Choose the right template
  • Consult RO if you are not sure which category your record should fall into
  • Read related User Guides (Guides under section B)
  • Provide month information
  • Decide RGC reporting preference (get consensus from other co-author(s))
  • Provide DOI
Inputting Records Manually (Guide B2)
  • Closely communicate with researchers
  • Read Guide B2 before input
  • Check full-text or publisher’s site
  • Check duplicate before input – publication title
  • Arrange the right sequence of 1st author & co-author(s)
  • Assign the right affiliation based on the published record
  • Change the template if needed
  • Leave comments to us if needed
Your Own Role vs Trusted User
  • Don’t abuse the function of Trusted User
  • Don’t share your account with others
Input Records Manually / under RGC Category
  • Don’t fully rely on your given list
  • Don't create duplicated records
  • Don’t change any validated record if you are unsure
  • Don’t create any Student Thesis, Project and Patent related record yourself
  • Don’t use the template called “Reserved for future use”