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CityU Scholars transition page

CityU Scholars Transition Page


Click the links below to download versions of the User Guides.
Managing your Researcher Profile

  A1 - Adding/Updating Personal Details 

  A2 - Authorising a Trusted User

Managing your Research Output

  B1(I)Claiming Library Harvested Research Output Records

  B1(II) - Claiming Library Harvested Research Output Records (Research Students)

   B2 - Creating a Research Output Record Manually

   B3 - Claiming your Research Output from Pure Backend (i.e. claiming authorship for a known item or a system-alerted duplicate in CityU Scholars)

   B4 - Disclaiming a Research Output

   B5 - Adding Conference Papers as RGC Category

   B6 - Inputting Records under RGC Categories

   B7 - Importing from Online Sources

Managing your CV

  C1 - Creating/Editing a Public or Private CV

Adding other Content Types

   D1 - Adding Activity (I)

  D2 - Adding Activity (II) - Conference, Talk and Presentation

   D3 - Adding Prize or Honour

   D4 - Adding Impact

  D5 - Adding Press/Media

Complying with RGC and making your work Open Access 

  E1 - Understanding RGC Categories

  E2 - Understanding Open Access

  E3 - RGC's OA Requirements and Library's Support

Enriching your Records

  F1 - Uploading Full-text

   F2 - Establishing Relations between Records

Managing Visibility 

  G1 - Managing Visibility of Records

Got questions? Need help?
  Email the Library Research Support Team at: