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Points to remember

Create one 'master' library

  • EndNote works more reliably if you create one 'master' library of references and use the Groups feature to keep your references organized.
  • It is NOT recommended to store your working EndNote Library on any cloud-based storage systems.

Make back-ups

Back up your EndNote library regularly. If you have a small library of records (one hundred or less) you can use the Save as option under the File menu. If you have a large library with PDF attachments it is better to use the Compress Library option also available under the File menu.

How to fix errors in citations and in the bibliography of your research paper

Any errors or incomplete data in citations or in your bibliography may be because the corresponding reference in your EndNote library has errors. Fix the error by selecting the reference in your EndNote library and make the necessary changes in the Reference panel. Click File > Save to keep the changes. To update your Word document, select Update Citations and Bibliography.

Editing citations

To edit a citation or to remove to it, always use the Edit and Manage Citations feature on the EndNote tool bar in Word. Do not make the changes directly to the Word document as these will be lost when you make any updates to the document.

Keep your library up-to-date

Sync between the EndNote Desktop and EndNote Online to ensure that the references you have just added are available on both versions. In the Desktop, click on the sync button on the toolbar.

Research paper finished?

When you have completed your paper and wish to send it off for review, you need to remove the CWYW links in the citations and bibliography of your Word document. To do this, in Word select Convert Citations and Bibliography > Convert to Plain Text. A copy of your document without links will open in a new window.

Note: you cannot reverse this step.