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Measuring Research Impact

Provides the common tools and methods to evaluate the impact of research

What is Altmetrics?

Altmetrics is an alternative metrics to measure research impact by tracking social activity around an article or other types of output. Instead of using traditional citation counts and impact factors, Altmetrics measures online scholarly interaction by calculating the number of mentions in social media sites (e.g. tweeters, Facebook, and blogs) and paper-sharing platforms or reference managers (e.g. Mendeley and CiteULike).

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Limitations: Altmetrics tracks impact outside the academy, including impact from sources that are not peer-reviewed. The tools are still in early development stages, and the meaning of the metrics is not yet well understood. Altmetrics should therefore be carefully applied in conjunction with existing measures of scholarship.

Altmetric data are now available on ...

Library-subscribed databases:


Other databases (include some free and "Opened" articles):

- more info: PLOS Impact Explorer

How to make use of altmetrics tools?

Several service providers such as, ImpactStory and Plum Analytics have developed tools to capture and display various types of altmetric data. These data can then be incorporated into publishing platforms and bibliographic databases by publishers or information providers. As an individual, you can also make use of altmetric tools to identify the social impact of a publication, and to show the social impact of your publications in your author profile.

To identify the social impact of a publication

To show the social impact of your publications in your online profiles