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Measuring Research Impact

Provides the common tools and methods to evaluate the impact of research

Citation analytical tool from Web of Science

Cited Reference Search is a tool available in Web of Science to measure and analyze the citation impact of articles.

Cited Reference Search

Cited Reference Search allows you to search for articles that have cited a previously published work. Through this search, you can be brought forward in time to discover how a work or the idea in a work has been built upon, developed, applied and extended.

To use this tool:

1. Access Web of Science and select "Cited Reference Search" instead of "Basic Search" from a list of search options.

2. Enter the author's name (the last name of the first author, follow with a space and up to 3 initials).

3. Enter the work's source (refer to the "abbreviation list" if you are not sure about the abbreviated journal title).

4. If needed, enter a 4-digit cited year or a limited range of cited years.

5. On the "Cited Reference Index" page, select your reference(s) and click "Finish Search". A list of articles that have cited your selected work(s) will be displayed.