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What is Citation Overview in Scopus?

Scopus’s Citation Overview is a way for you to find and track citation data generated from a set of selected documents. If you have selected the publications of an author indexed in Scopus, you can then make use of the Citation Overview feature to get citation information of the set of documents written by this author, such as:

  • a list of document in the set
  • total number of citations per document (with or without self-citations)
  • total number of citations per document in particular years
  • h-index for the author
  • h-Graph information

How to generate a Citation Overview and get the h-index of an author?

1. Access Scopus.

2. Perform an Author Search to search for your author's name. Enter the last name and initials.  A list of author grouped by institution and subject areas is then displayed.


3. If desired, use "Limit" or "Exclude" to refine your author groupings by various categories. Then, select the appropriate author groups and click "View citation Overview".


4. The Citation Overview - this page shows the number of citations each publication has attracted since 1996. Review this list of documents and remove any articles that are not by your author . To remove an article from the list, click on the checkbox next to the article and click "Delete".

Self-citations to selected author(s) and to any author on a document can be removed, if needed. The h-index for the author is shown on the right. You can also click on the "View h-Graph" link to see the data used to calculate the h-index.



5. Alternatively, you can click on an author's name after performing an author search. An "Author details" page will then be displayed to provide information about author's affiliation, publication history, subject areas of interest and research information. From this page, you can also view the author's h-index, h-Graph and "Citation Overview".

Refer to the quick links in the "Scopus search guide & tutorial" box on the right to access the search guide and tutorial to learn more.

Your author profiles in Scopus

If you have publications indexed in "Scopus", remember to verify your author profiles in this two database to ensure accurate measurement of your publication activities. You can make use of Scopus' "Author Feedback Wizard" to suggest changes to your own profile, such as:

  • grouping together name variations in your profile
  • selecting a spelling variation as the primary name under which all documents are listed
  • associating a list of documents that belong to you with your profile

If you have just joined CityU, note that the affiliation displayed in your Scopus Author profile may still be your previous affiliation because it is based on your most recent publication. If you need any help related to your author or affiliation profile, you can contact the Scopus Author/Affiliation Feedback Team directly at

Refer to this guide for more.

Scopus search guide & tutorial


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