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News and Newspapers

Resources for finding newspapers and news sources

Finding news articles using CityU LibraryFind

Use CityU LibraryFind to find news articles on a topic:

  1. Enter your keyword/s in the Articles+ search scope. Your search will be done across multiple platforms, including many Library news databases.
  2. Then, refine your search results by Resource Type - Newspaper Articles.


Enter your search terms below to try it out! Your search results will be limited to Newspaper Articles.


Finding news articles using Library-subscribed databases

CityU LibraryFind provides a simple one-stop search platform, and pulls results from many databases. However, if you want to perform more specific searches, you can use individual news databases to better suit your needs.

Below are some suggested Library news databases for you to find articles from news sources and newspapers. Most of these databases provide access to full-text news articles.

Browsing vs. searching:  

All news databases are searchable, but not all of them are browsable. Some databases, such as "ProQuest" & "EBSCOhost", allow browsing of the newspaper publications they hold, while some others, such as "WisersOne" only provide limited browsing capabilities (e.g. browsing of current issues of particular newspapers only).

Refer to the "news databases" page for more information about these databases.

Why do we use Library-subscribed news databases when online newspapers are available?

Library-subscribed databases are available for CityU staff and students. These databases have the following advantages over the news on the Internet:

  • Access to full-text news articles:
    Most Library-subscribed news databases provide access to full-text news articles. News on the Internet may or may not provide full-text access to news articles
  • Access to news archives:
    Most Library-subscribed news databases provide access to older news articles. News on the Internet may provide access to news archives only by paid subscription or by "per article" purchase
  • More sophisticated search features:
    More focused search can be done and searching can be performed across multiple newspaper publications
  • Equivalents of printed titles:
    Most Library-subscribed electronic newspapers are the online version of their printed counterparts. This may not be the case for news on the Internet