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News and Newspapers

Resources for finding newspapers and news sources

Find all formats of news sources using CityU LibraryFind

CityU Library provides access to many local and overseas newspapers in printed, microfilm and electronic formats.

Use CityU LibraryFind to search for the newspapers available in the Library.

Tip: If you already have a desired newspaper title (e.g. South China Morning Post), simply conduct a Browse Search by Title.


The search result above, for example, shows that South China morning post is available in various formats. Click on the desired record to view more details about the record. Most newspapers are available online. You can access them directly from the CityU LibraryFind records (authentication is needed for off-campus access)

Printed newspapers in the Library

Today's local newspapers and the latest issues of overseas newspapers are kept at the Leisure Corner.

Back issues of local and overseas newspapers are shelved near the Law Periodicals area.

Both local newspapers and overseas newspapers are kept for one month.

For newspapers not available in printed format, check to see if they are available in electronic format.