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Research Data Management

Data Management Plan

Funding bodies are increasingly requiring the grant applicants to produce Data Management Plans (DMPs) while planning a project and writing a grant proposal. DMPs typically address:

  • The types of data to be collected or created
  • Methodologies for data collection and management
  • Data format, including data and metadata standards
  • Plans for sharing data, including policies affecting access and reuse of the data by other researchers
  • Plans for archiving and preserving the data

DMPs are valuable tools for navigating research projects. Writing a DMP at the beginning of a project and keeping it reviewed and updated periodically ensures that all aspects of data management are fully considered throughout the project lifecycle.



Data Management Plan Tools and Resources


In compliance with the institutional and funder requirements, web-based tools such as DMPonline by Digital Curation Centre and DMPTool by University of California Curation Center could be useful options in creating and sharing DMPs.  

Check out the DMP templates, examples and resources compiled by the two institutions.

Digital Curation Centre

Funders’ data plan requirements and DMP templates

Checklist for a DMP

DMP checklist leaflet

How to develop a DMP

Guidance and examples of DMPs

University of California Curation Center

DMP templates by funders

Examples of DMPs

DMPTool quick start guide