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Using E-books @ CityU

Finding eBooks using the CityU LibraryFind

You can search for e-books in CityU LibraryFind using the Books & Media+ search scope. Then refine your results by choosing Availability – Available Online.





Note that some Chinese e-book titles, such as those from the SuperStar and DuXiu collections, are not covered in CityU LibraryFind. To find these e-books, access the individual e-book collections - SuperStar or DuXiu. Read "eBook collections" below for more.

eBook collections

The Library has purchased or subscribed to over 2 million titles of e-books. Most of these e-books are accessible via e-book platforms or e-book collections (e.g. ProQuest Ebook Central).

Please visit the E-books page to view a complete list of these e-book collections. This page also shows the subject coverage of each collection, links to the search guides of these collections, and links to available titles from these collections.