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Author Identity Management

Name Ambiguity Issues, ORCID Creation and Integration

ORCID Creation and Integration Exercise at CityU

To ensure accuracy in the research processes and that our researchers are correctly associated with their respective research outputs, the University would like all researchers to create/report their own ORCID iD and integrate it with other proprietary author IDs.

The exercise involves the following parts:

Part 1 : Creating ORCID iD / Providing Existing ORCID iD

Part 2 : Integrating ORCID iD with Scopus Author ID (if any)

Part 3 (optional) : Integrating ORCID iD with Web of Science (WoS) ResearcherID

Faculty members will receive an invitation email from the Library with the link "Go to My ORCID Creation and Integration Exercise Login Pagefor them to login and do Part 1 first. As for Part 2, the Library needs some more time to help verify the Scopus author ID/profile (if any) and do some cleanup and merging. For faculty members with a Scopus author ID/profile, they will be contacted again by the Library to finish Part 2 at a later stage.  

If you are a new academic staff member who has just recently joined the University and has not yet received an invitation email, please let us know at You can also contact your subject librarian.

Learn more about ORCIDScopus Author ID and Web of Science ResearcherID.