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Author Identity Management

Name Ambiguity Issues, ORCID Creation and Integration

ORCID Auto-Update Setup (CityU Scholars - ORCID Integration)

For researchers who completed the ORCID Creation and Integration Exercise before the launch of CityU Scholars in June 2017, you are strongly recommended to take one step further to setup the ORCID Auto-Update function so that CityU Scholars will update your ORCID publication list automatically.

Completing ORCID Auto-Update Setup (CityU Scholars - ORCID Integration)


Please login to your CityU Scholars researcher profile (with your EID and AD/LAN password) and follow the instructions on the user guide.


  1. The publication list in your ORCID record will be automatically updated with validated research output records exported from CityU Scholars on the next day (or immediately with "Export" button clicked) upon the completion of Part 1 and hereafter on a daily basis.

  2. Web of Science will automatically scan your ORCID record (with visibility set as public) to look for matched publications, grab your ORCID iD to enrich the matched publication records in its database to enable searching of your Web of Science publications with your ORCID iD.