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Author Identity Management

Name Ambiguity Issues, ORCID Creation and Integration

About ResearcherID

Facts that you should know:

An example of ReseacherID profile



A proprietary author ID integrated with Web of Science: ResearcherID is a unique identifier system that integrates with Web of the Science (WoS) to address author name ambiguity issues. Authors register for a ResearcherID on voluntary basis. With a ResearcherID, authors can manage their publication lists in their Researcher profile, track the citation counts and h-index of their publications indexed in WoS (read more here). ResearcherID is now ORCID compliant.



Things that you should do if you have a ResearcherID:

Update your Researcher profile from time to time: Web of Science will not map articles to your Researcher profile automatically. When users search for your publications in WoS with your ResearcherID, they are actually retrieving the publication list maintained by you in your Researcher profile. Therefore, to enable users to locate all your WoS publications by means of your ResearcherID, you need to keep your profile up to date. This will also ensure that the citation metrics you generate from your Researcher profile cover all your works without omission.

Since ResearcherID is now ORCID compliant, as long as you have maintained your ORCID publication list, you can send your ORCID publications to your ResearcherID account on regular basis to keep it updated. For details, please refer to the user guide “Sending publications from ORCID to ResearcherID account”.

Searching Web of Science with ORCID:

ResearcherID is not the only author ID for searching Web of Science but ORCID too: Web of Science will automatically scan your ORCID record (with visibility set as public) to look for matched publications, grab your ORCID iD to enrich the matched publication records in its database to enable searching of your Web of Science publications with your ORCID iD. Therefore, for authors without a ResearcherID, their works can still be searched in Web of Science by means of their ORCID iD as long as they have maintained their ORCID publication list.