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CityU LibraryFind

Changes in User Privileges and Loan Services

With the launch of CityU LibraryFind in July 2017, users may need to take note of the following changes related to user privileges and loan services:

1. Logging In

The username and password for your library account is now the same as those for university PCs.

2. Emails

You will now receive an email when library material is checked-in/out, renewed or about to be overdue.

3. Renewals

Items can now be renewed for any number of times up to the maximum renewal period, unless recalled.

4. Longer Loan Period for Reserve Items

Materials in the Semi-closed Collection and a few items in the Media Resources Collection can be loaned for 5 hours, 1 day or 3 days as per recommendation of the faculty members.

5. Overdue Fines

Overdue fines are now calculated at a flat rate and there is no longer a maximum fine chargeable.

6. Privilege Suspension

Unsettled fines of over HK$30 will now result in temporary suspension of borrowing privileges

7. JULAC Re-registration

JULAC card holders must re-register at host libraries to continue enjoying library privileges.

8. One Privilege Package

With the one-patron-one-Library privilege policy, users with multiple roles will be offered the highest level of Library services s/he is entitled.