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CityU LibraryFind

CityU LibraryFind is the Library’s search platform for finding materials of CityU Library. In one single search, you can search for books, articles, course reserves, and more.

CityU LibraryFind Getting Started Tips

1 How to search? 2 Sign in
3 View your search results 4 Refine your results
5 Cite, save & more 6 Get books from other libraries
7 More search tips 8 What are NOT covered?

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Found too many results? You can focus your search by choosing the Books & Media+ search scope to exclude articles. You may also select Browse Search to browse library materials by title or author and find relevant information quickly.

Want to learn more? Refer to this video for a quick demo on CityU LibraryFind

1. How to search?

From the Library homepage

or the CityU LibraryFind homepage,

Simply enter your keyword/s into the search box. This will search for books, media items and articles collected by CityU Library. You can also limit your search by selecting:

  • Books & Media+: Books, journals, media resources, course reserves, dissertations etc. (but not articles)
  • Articles+: Articles from journals, newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • Course Reserves: Course reserves items.

Other search options:

  • Select Browse Search to browse library materials (excluding articles) in order to find relevant information quickly.
  • Select Advanced Search to search by author, title, and more.
  • Select HKALL to find items in other UGC-funded university libraries (see below).

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2. Sign in

Why sign in?

When you sign in, you can:

  • View full search results (Some databases show results only when you've signed in as CityU staff or students)
  • Save your search query and search results for later viewing
  • View request options, request checked-out items. Eligible CityU users can also request items via ILL or HKALL.
  • Check and renew your loans. View fines.

How to sign in?

  • Click the Sign in link (on yellow screen prompt or top right of search screen)
  • Enter your Electronic ID (EID) and AD/LAN password, the same as those for university PCs. 
  • Remember to sign out if you use a public PC.

** For non-CityU and JULAC users, please register for an EID in person at the Library Circulation Counter. For alumni without an EID, please register for a CityU email from the Alumni Relations Office website.


After you've signed in, click on your name (top right of search screen) to view MY LIBRARY ACCOUNT for information on your loans, to renew items, and more. Refer to the My Library Account research guide to learn more.

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3. View your search results

Click on the title of the record (in bold) in your search results to go to the full record display to view more details about a record. Information generally includes:

  • View/Get it: How to view or get the item/s
  • Details: Full record details
  • Links: Links to other relevant resources
  • Send to: More features (see "Cite, save and more" below)

If you sign in, you have the option to save your search query for future viewing.

Click on Save query (underneath the search box after a search). This will save the query to My Favorites    (top right of search screen).

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4. Refine your search results

Often your search will retrieve a large number of results. You can select from the options under Refine My Results (on right side of screen) to narrow your results by:

  • Availability
  • Resource Type (articles, books, dissertations, etc.)
  • Publication Year
  • Library Collection, and more.

By default, results are sorted by relevance. Click on the down arrow (near Sort by) to display search results by date, author or title.


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5. Cite, save and more


From a full record page, click on Send To and select from the options to:

  • E-mail
  • Print
  • Cite a record (in APA, Chicago/Turabian or MLA styles)  
  • Export a record to a reference manager

To save a record/s from your list of search results, select the pin  (next to the record/s).

Saved records are stored in My Favorites (top right of search screen).

Tip. Sign in (see above) to save the record/s for future viewing.

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6. Get books from other UGC libraries

If a book you need from CityU Library is not available because it is checked out or not held by the Library, you can use HKALL to request an available copy from another UGC library. The book will be sent to CityU Library for you to collect.

After a search in the Books, Media & Articles+ search scope, click on your desired title from the result list to go to the full record page. Select the Get It option and click on Search this title in HKALL. You will be directed to the title(s) in the HKALL scope.

You can also find your desired title directly in the HKALL search scope by either of the following ways:

Then, find a book you need from the search results and click on the title. Select the option Get it. If there is an available copy, click on HKALL Request. ** You need to sign in (see above) to see request options and to place requests. 

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7. More search tips

  • Select Browse Search    to browse library materials (excluding articles) in order to find relevant information quickly 
  • Select Advanced Search  (next to the search box) for more complex searches
  • Keywords in a search are automatically combined with AND
  • Use double quotation marks “” to search for phrases
    • e.g. “successful academic writing”
  • Use an asterisk * to find variant forms of a word
    • e.g. child* = child, children, childhood

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8. What is NOT covered in CityU LibraryFind?

The content of specialist databases, such as legal information from law databases, company and financial data from some business databases, is not included in CityU LibraryFind. To find specialist content, use the Library databases

Some Chinese e-book titles, such as those from the SuperStar and DuXiu collections, are not covered in CityU LibraryFind. To find these e-books, access SuperStar or DuXiu.


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