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Media and Communication

Suggested resources for Media and Communication.

About admanGo Hong Kong

admanGo Hong Kong is an advertising and advertisement monitoring service. It san be used to view advertisements from commercial and non-profit organizations across a range of media types. 

Access notes:

NEED HELP? This guide will show you the basics. Refer to the admanGo user guide (PDF, 3.5 MB) for more information. 

REMEMBER: save your work to Excel for future reference. Look for the 'X' logo after your searches:

admanGo: dowload to Excel

Simple search

Simple search: Type the name of organization into the search box:

Simple search: admanGo

Media Plan

Media Plan: For a more complex report, go to Reports > Media Plan > New Report, then follow the on screen instructions to create the report:

admanGo Media Plan