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Media and Communication

Suggested resources for Media and Communication.


Thank you for visiting the COM3107 Library Guide! This guide will get you started with library research and introduce the tools and skills to research for resources in persuasive communication.

If you'd like to learn or review information research skills in detail, you can download the slides here:

Find resources using CityU LibraryFind

Use our CityU LibraryFind to find books, audiovisual materials, dissertations, journal titles, articles and more, collected by the Library.


The default scope is Books, Media & Articles+. You may select other scopes, such as Books & Media+ and Articles+, to suit your needs. To get started with CityU LibraryFind, refer to the Getting Started Tips

On the result page, you can narrow the search results by Availability, Resource Type, or other options under Refine My Results (on the right side of screen).

Refer to this short video for more.

Find articles using CityU LibraryFind

Use CityU LibraryFind to find articles of academic journals, magazines and newspapers collected by the Library.


After a search in the Articles+ scope via the search box above, simply refine your search results by:

  • Choosing or excluding a desired Resource Type, such as Articles, Newspaper Articles, Conference Proceedings or Reviews, or
  • You can refine your search results by Availability - Peer-reviewed Journals to display peer-reviewed journal articles only.

Note: If you are conducting your search from off-campus, remember to sign-in CityU LibraryFind in order to view full search results (some databases show results only when you have signed in as CityU staff or students).

Find articles from Library-subscribed databases

If you can't find articles on your topic, you may want to try one of the following databases recommended for Communication students:


To learn more about selecting the appropriate library databases to use, refer to this short video.

Use social media for research

Social media icons For up-to-the-minute social commentary on a topic, try these social media tools:

  • EpicBeat: Searches mainly Twitter. Includes charts of social trends, social analytics & influencers.
  • Google trends: Analyzes and rates web searches by the amount of web traffic generated.
  • Wikipedia article traffic statistics: measures page views on Wikipedia articles
  • Reddit: A social networking and news service in its own right, but it's search feature allows you to view detailed forum discussion on just about any topic imaginable.

What makes Reddit unique, and useful for your assignment, is that is operates on a system of 'reddiquette' (Reddit + etiquette) whereby users are encouraged to cite sources to support their arguments. This is accompanied by a voting system that allows users to 'up-vote' particular posts. To search, simply use the search bar in the top right hand corner. No log in is required.

DON'T FORGET! You need to reference social media sources just as you would scholarly sources. Consult the APA style blog article How to Cite Social Media in APA Style for instructions.