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DBA Programme

A selection of Library resources for DBA students.


This Research Guide provides a selection of web-based Library resources to support learning and research in the DBA programme.


Business databases for specialized information

Tip. Search CityU LibraryFind to locate articles, books and more

Search the databases (below) also to find articles or to find statistical and other data not in CityU LibraryFind.

The articles in the databases below are generally available in CityU LibraryFind.


Watching a video is an easy way to learn new information in your subject area. Take a look at the online video collections listed below.

You can also find business DVDs in CityU LibraryFind.

Search CityU LibraryFind to locate e-books, books, DVDs and more.

Limit your search to Books & Media+

Tip. Take a look at the Guide Using ebooks @CityU for help on using e-books.

More help

HKALL Place requests for books held at other UGC libraries and the books will be delivered to CityU Library for you to collect.

Interlibrary Loan Services: to obtain literature not available at the Library from other sources. Includes articles and books.

JULAC Library cards: access to other UGC Libraries with borrowing privileges

Using Google Scholar to find journal articles

You can click on the Findit@CityU links in Google Scholar to go to the full text of journal articles available in the Library's collection. These links appear automatically when you are on campus.

Off-campus access

To have the Findit@CityU links appear when you are off campus, you need to change the settings in Google Scholar. See the guide here.