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Findit@CityU with Google Scholar

How to set up the "Findit@CityU" links?

On campus:

If you access Google Scholar using PCs on campus or via CityU Wireless LAN (WLAN), no configuration is required:

  • The Findit@CityU links will automatically appear in your Google Search results when full text is available.
  • If full text availability is not confirmed and there is no Findit@CityU link, try the Check@CiyULib link. Click on More underneath the citation of your desired record to view the link.

Refer to the Home page of this guide for more about how these links work.

Off campus:

If you access Google Scholar from off campus, you have to configure your browser with the steps below.

1.    In Google Scholar, click Settings on the  Menu at the upper left corner.

2.    Select Library links.
3.    Enter “CityU” in the search box.
4.    Click the Search button.
5.    Select City University of Hong Kong - Findit@CityU.
6.    Click the Save button.



Tip: You can easily import reference from Google Scholar into EndNote:

1. Select Search results in the Settings.
2. Select "Show links to import citations into EndNote" under Bibliography manager.
3. Click on Save.

The link will appear under each record in your search results.