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Literature Review - Finding the Resources

This guide assists you in finding the resources for your literature review

Keeping track of the resources you find

To write a literature review, you need to locate a large number of resources and read many materials. Keeping track of the resources you find, read and use will help you better manage and organize the ideas and concepts to be presented in your literature review. This page suggests some tools for you to keep track of the resources you find.


Keeping a search log

When you search for resources using multiple databases, keep a record of what you have done to perform the search, such as the databases you have used, the keywords you have combined and searched, and the search results retrieved using various search statements. From what you have done, you will then know what you should do next such as, to:

  • Redo a previous search
  • Use other terms or combination of terms
  • Limit to other search fields
  • Try another database

The Database Search Log below is a table for you to keep such a record.

Keeping a reading log

When you find your needed resources, the next step is to read them. If you have a large number of materials to read, it is not easy to remember what you have read afterwards. Keeping a record of what you have read is essential to effectively organize the information from each resource and to be well prepared for writing your literature review. The information to record include the theories, findings and methodologies presented in the resources, as well as the citation information of these resources. Keeping this record will also help you make connections between resources.

Make use of the Resource Reading Log below to record important information about the resources you read.

EndNote - suggested citation management tool

                            Create your personal database of references

Use EndNote, a citation manager subscribed to by the Library, to help you store and manage the citations of your references, and generate bibliographies for your research papers.

To get started with EndNote, refer to the research guide EndNote.