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Finding Law Journal Articles

Article Citation

Sometimes your teacher may ask you to read a journal article or you may want to follow a citation given in a book to read the full text of a paper. Here is the normal format of a journal citation .

D Campbell, 'Of Coase and Corn: a (Sort of) Defence of Private Nuisance' [2009] 63 Modern Law Review 197.   

Here is the meaning of this citation.

Finding the Article

To find the article, take either one of the following methods

Method 1

  • Use the CityU LibraryFind.
  • Select search scope = Articles+
  • In the “Title” field, enter the journal article title.

Method 2

  • Go to CityU LibraryFind.
  • Select search scope = Books, Media & Articles+.
  • In the "Title" field, enter the journal title.
  • If you only have the abbreviated journal title, use the tools mentioned in the "Abbreviation" section of this guide to find the full journal title.
  • Some journals are available in print format, some in electronic format. For print journals, note the location and call number. For electronic journals, click on the hyperlink given in the CityU LibraryFind record and read it online. Many of the library subscribed electronic journals are accessible on and off campus.