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News and Newspapers

Resources for finding newspapers and news sources

Reading current news

Leisure CornerYou may use news databases to read current news. Below are some recommendations.

  • Factiva
    • Click on the "Home" tab at the top of the screen, and scroll to the section "Newsstand: Greater China". 香港經濟日報, 明報, 信報, 星島日報, 聯合報, People's Daily (Beijing), etc. are available. Quick Guide
    • Alternatively, click "Source" from the left menu, enter the publication title, e.g., Wall Street Journal, then click on the purple triangle next to the title. Run the search. Quick Guide

  • International Newsstream (ProQuest) 
    • Select "Publications" above the search box, and search the desired title, e.g., New York Times, China Daily, etc. Quick Guide
  • South China Morning Post
    • Access the online version of the South China Morning Post and the archives of the latest 20 years.
  • WisersOne
    • To browse news by category, select 分類新聞概覽 (香港) from the left menu. Quick Guide
Click the following links for continuously updated news in HK and worldwide:

Importance of news

Use news and newspapers when you want to find

  • Current information: up-to-the-minute events, recent issues, trends
  • Historical information: historical events, issues, and how these events were reported at the time
  • Reviews of books, movies, and information about culture, society and important people
NOTE: News sources are not scholarly articles. They may be written to support a specific point of view and may need to be evaluated.