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News and Newspapers

Resources for finding newspapers and news sources

News and Newspapers Research Guide

Leisure CornerThe resources in this guide have been selected to assist students and researchers to find news sources. Use the navigation on the left to find news and newspapers that are:

  • available at CityU Library
  • on a topic and
  • on the Internet.

Highlights of this guide

Today's local newspapers and the latest issues of overseas newspapers are kept at the Leisure Corner.

The Library keeps both local and overseas newspapers for one month. They can be found in the Law Periodicals area. Back issues of many newspapers are available in microfilm and/or electronic formats

Below are some commonly used news databases subscribed to by the Library:
Click the following links for continuously updated news in HK and worldwide:

News sources

Use news and newspapers when you want to find

  • Current information: up-to-the-minute events, recent issues, trends
  • Historical information: historical events, issues, and how these events were reported at the time
  • Reviews of books, movies, and information about culture, society and important people
NOTE: News sources are not scholarly articles. They may be written to support a specific point of view and may need to be further verified in another source.