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OA week @ CityU: Researchers' Webinar Series

Knowing Open Access


  28 November 2022 (Monday) | 2:30 – 3:30 PM  

 Speaker: Cindy Kot, Manager, Research Support and Scholarly Communication, Run Run Shaw Library, City University of Hong Kong


Open Access (OA) is now a trend in the scholarly communication world and also a requirement from many research funding agencies such as the Research Grants Council in Hong Kong. The Library’s research support librarian will introduce the different fundamentals about OA to the participants. 

Topics to be covered:

  • Background and meaning of Open Access (OA)
  • Different ways to achieving OA,
  • How CityU Scholars can support OA
  • RGC’s OA requirements for funding application and reporting




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The Path to Open Access in Springer Nature


  29 November 2022 (Tuesday) | 3:00 – 4:00 PM

 Speaker: Johanna Kuhn, Institutional Engagement Manager, Springer Nature

Having joined BioMed Central (part of Springer Nature) in 2008, Johanna’s core role is to support the local Springer Nature Licensing Teams in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, parts of Asia and Africa with her open access expertise as the importance of Transformative Agreements is increasing. In addition, she is responsible for creating and maintaining institutional partnerships and increase awareness of open research at Springer Nature.


Springer Nature Group (also known under its brands such as Springer, BMC, Nature Portfolio, Palgrave Macmillan, etc.) publishes more than 2,000 journal titles, including nearly 600 fully open access journals in all disciplines. The speaker will walk you through the path of open access in Springer Nature and answer your questions along the way.  

Topics to be covered: 

  • OA publishing in Springer Nature
  • Self-Archiving policy of Springer Nature
  • How to find OA journals/content in Springer Nature site
  • Research data policies of Springer Nature Journals 



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Achieve an Inclusive, Collaborative and Transparent World of Research : Open Access and Open Data


  1 December 2022 (Thursday) | 3:00 – 4:00 PM

 Speaker: Joan Yin, Solution Sales Manager, Research Intelligence, Elsevier

Joan got her Information management master's degree from University of Sheffield. She gained rich experience on research development as well as intelligence solutions from Springer Nature and Clarivate. During the past 3 years in Elsevier, she has been supporting universities and government on digital transformation and research insights.


Elsevier is also known by its imprints such as Academic Press, Cell Press, Pergamon Press, Butterworth-Heinemann, etc. The speaker from Elsevier will provide insights on how an inclusive, collaborative and transparent world of research can be achieved through open access and open data. 

Topics to be covered:

  • Open access in Elsevier
  • Open data and transparent reporting
  • Open metrics and research evaluation
  • Inclusion and equity in publishing & access. 



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