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Beginning Your Research

Use search engines to find Web resources

There is a vast amount of material available on the web including primary sources, statistics, government information, and more. However, unlike similar information found in newspapers or television broadcasts, information on the web is not regulated for quality or accuracy; therefore, it is important for users to evaluate the resource or information.

Search engines are good tools for searching by keyword. It is important to note that no search engine indexes all of the Web,  search results will differ between search engines, and that search engines offer a variety of features.  Find the search engine that you are the most comfortable with!

Suggested search engines:

Search tips for search engines

When using search engines to find websites, there are ways in which you can make your searching more productive:

  • Keywords:
    Choose your keywords thoughtfully.  Use specific keywords.  Be flexible and try a variety of keywords that you may have selected while developing your topic. 
  • Advanced Search
    Use the Advanced Search option of your preferred search engines to limit your search by domain type, date, file type, and more.  You can also limit to search for all of the terms that you enter, eliminate words, or alternate words.