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Research Methods

Categories of Research Methods and Ways to Find Them

How to Find Books?

Use Advanced Search in CityU LibraryFind:

1. Search subject "research methodology" for broad content.

2. Add a subject: e.g. "research methodology AND marketing" to focus.

3. Search specific approaches or techniques, for example:

grounded theory

experimental design participant observation
action research qualitative research narrative inquiry
longitudinal method quantitative research

operations research

4. Search research methods series published by Sage, Emerald, etc. by keywords:

  • sage research methodology
  • emerald research methodology

Print Books

How to Find Articles?

The library provides access to many multidisciplinary research databases. The EBSCOhost Academic Research Premier is an example to locate articles in a variety of disciplinary journals.To search for research methods, include the following CLUE words in your search term:

 study  narrative  results
 analysis  experimental  data
 methods  hypothesis  survey


For example: child abuse AND Hong Kong AND study

Search in:

  1. Type "child abuse AND Hong Kong AND study" in the search box
  2. Select "Scholarly (peer reviewed) Journals" under Limit your results.
  3. Read the Subjects or Abstract in the article record and watch for words that suggest research methods, such as tests, questionnaires, sampling, statistics, surveys, etc.


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