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Creative Media

Suggested resources for creative media.

Using creative works ethically


In most cases, you are free to use copyrighted material in your assessment projects or research as long as you provide attribution, or cite your sourcesUsing copyrighted material in this way is permissible under the Copyright Ordinance: Fair dealing for purposes of giving or receiving instruction.

The Fair Dealing Exemption DOES NOT APPLY in the following instances: 

  • Assessment tasks that involve publishing online (for example, YouTube, blogs or social media)
  • Assessment tasks later displayed online or in a public place (e.g. a film festival) 

FOR OTHER PROJECTS (including non-commercial projects). 

If you are working on a project outside university, we recommend you use material from the public domain or licensed for reuse using a Creative Commons license (see the Free resources section below). Some creators require that you provide attribution (for example, in the credits of a film) - check the Terms of Use to see the conditions under which the author is prepared to share their work. 

You can refer to this infographic to help you decide if you can use a given creative work in your assessment or project.


To search for videos, use CityU LibraryFind

  1. Enter a topic or the name of a film/recording
  2. Select Videos under Resource Type:

Library resources

Please note: In most cases, the footage found using the following Library resources is licensed for educational use only, and cannot be used in projects outside of university, even if the project is non-commercial.

Free resources

Please note: even free content needs to be attributed for university assessments. For projects outside university, check the Terms of Use or the License Agreement to find out how you can use the content.