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Suggested resources for Accountancy.


With HKALL you can access the book collections of all University Grants Committee (UGC) funded libraries.

When would I want to use HKALL? 

  1. When CityU doesn't have the book you need
  2. When the CityU copy of the book is out on loan

You can find your desired title in the HKALL search scope by either of the following ways:

Then, find a book you need from the search results and click on the title. Select the option Get it. If there is an available copy, click on HKALL Request** You need to sign in(see above) to see request options and to place a request. 

Searching CityU LibraryFind

Use our CityU LibraryFind to find books, audiovisual materials, dissertations, journal titles, articles and more, collected by the Library.


The default scope is Books, Media & Articles+. You may select other scopes, such as Books & Media+ and Articles+, to suit your needs. To get started with CityU LibraryFind, refer to the Getting Started Tips

On the result page, you can narrow the search results by Availability, Resource Type, or other options under Refine My Results (on the right side of screen).

Refer to this short video for more.

Materials in the Course Reserve

Faculty members may place books on reserve for their courses.  For more information about Course Reserve and the Depositing Service (for faculty), please see the Course Reserves page.

Suggested reference resources

You may select handbooksencyclopedias and dictionaries from the following lists to find background information and quick facts. To identify and locate additional reference resources, search the CityU LibraryFind.

Background information

Handbooks and encyclopedias provide specific information or instructions about a topic. These are the selected Accounting handbooks and encyclopedias:

Quick facts 

Dictionaries provide brief information on words or subjects, arranged alphabetically. These are the selected Accounting dictionaries:

Materials such as dictionaries or encyclopedias are often referred to as "reference resources" and they are usually located in the Reference Collection of the Library or online.

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