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Citing Legal Information

Guides for Other Jurisdictions

To cite the primary sources of law from other jurisdictions, refer to these guides below. More guides are listed on p 49-50 of OSCOLA.


Australian Guide to Legal Citation (4th edn, Melbourne University Law Review Association 2018) <> accessed 04 November 2021.


Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation = Manuel Canadien de Référence Juridique (10th edn, Carswell 2023).

Canadian Citation Committee, 'A Neutral Citation Standard for Case Law' <> accessed 04 November 2021.

New Zealand

Alice Coppard and others, New Zealand Law Style Guide (3rd edn, Thomson Reuters 2018) .


Darby Dickerson and Directors Association of Legal Writing, ALWD Citation Manual: a Professional System of Citation (4th edn, Aspen Publishers 2010).

Harvard Law Review Association (ed), The Bluebook: a Uniform System of Citation (21st edn, Harvard Law Review Association 2020).