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Case Law

Where are cases found

The Singapore Judiciary 

It is the official website of the Singapore Judiciary which provides judgments and case summaries from year 2000 onwards. Important Judgments and Grounds of Decision of the Supreme Court may be reported in the Singapore Law Reports, which is published by the Singapore Academy of Law. The judgments can be retrieved by keyword search.



The Commonwealth Legal Information Institute (CommonLII)

The Commonwealth Legal Information Institute (CommonLII) is an open-access platform that contains legal information from Commonwealth jurisdictions. The judgements from the following Singapore courts are available from CommonLII:

District Court of Singapore (from 2006 to present)

Magistrates' Court of Singapore (from 2006 to present)

Supreme Court of Singapore - High Court (from 2000 to present)

Supreme Court of Singapore - Court of Appeal (from 2000 to present)

LawNet Legal Research

LawNet Legal Research is Singapore's one-stop portal for legal information. It provides free access to the latest judgments (in the last 3 months) from the Supreme Court, State Courts, Family Court, and Juvenile Court. The free resources are accessible at this link: It supports simple search with keywords.

Singapore Law Watch

Singapore Law Watch is a free daily legal news service for the law community in Singapore and abroad. It provides judgments and decisions from the Supreme Court (2000 - present), Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (2018 - present), and Personal Data Protection Commission (2018 - present). The judgements and decisions are accessible at this link: It also provides free access to headlines, commentaries published in the last three months, and updates on Singapore legislation. 

In vLex Justis, our subscription covers:

  • Court of Appeal
  • High Court
  • Constitutional Tribunal

Access path: Browse → All Countries → Asia → Singapore → Case Law

In Westlaw Asia, our subscription covers:

  • Singapore Company and Security Law Cases
  • Singapore Law Reports Case Analysis  (Singapore Law Reports Case Analysis only includes the case analysis but not the judgment.)

Access path: Cases → Singapore Case Law

Singapore Law Reports

Electronic: vLex Justis

Access path: Browse → Case Law → By Report → Singapore Law Reports