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Case Law

Where are Cases Found?

Unreported judgments

They represent the first version of a court decision that are made available through the associated court / court administration website. Very recent cases are normally not available from law reports until later.  

Unreported judgment websites





Law reports are issued by legal publishers. Included in law reports are cases which are considered with significant legal values. Editors add catchwords and headnotes at top of the original judgments. Law reports are in print or / and electronic format. 

Catchwords: Descriptive words or phrases used to categorize the subject matter of a case.

Headnotes: A summary describing the essential facts of the case and the principle(s) of law whtich the case establishes.

Law reports in print format

Print volumes are shelved in the Library's Law Primary Source area, by call number. 

Law reports in online format

Law reports in online format are available from library subscribed databases. Access the databases through the library web page, Databases by Subject - Law

Looking for a particular law report?

To check if our Library provides a specific law report, use the search tool, CityU LibraryFind. Select the Title field, enter the complete title of the law report (not the abbreviated title). If the law report is in our library, you will be directed to the location of the print volume or the database(s) that hosts the online version.