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Careers and Jobs

Resources for career planning and job hunting

What industry should I get into?

Now that you are looking for a career, how do you know which industry will be suitable for you and your skills?  The following websites will give you information about industries, salary benchmark, skills/ competencies and other relevant information in looking for a career path. 

Skills, personalitiy and career path

What types of careers/fields could you get into based on your skills and personality?

CityU Library Recommends

Looking for additional information?

If you want more information, please try the following:

1.  Look for books in CityU LibraryFind

Change the drop-down menu in CityU LibraryFind to 'subject' in the Advanced Search option and try the following subject terms:

2.  Conduct research on companies or industries you are interested in.  Consult our research guides:

3.  Visit the Career and Leadership Centre website. They have a section on Career Types and Career Trends. 

For more Library resources, refer to the “More Library Resources on Careers and Jobs” of this guide.