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Careers and Jobs

Resources for career planning and job hunting

Employer website

A good place to start is the employer's website.  Find information on:

  • line of business
  • products and services
  • company policies
  • jobs

Look for links "about', "about us" (usually at the end of the webpage) to find information about the business itself, key staff & more.

Refer to information such as a "mission statement", "vision" and "values" to learn about the employer's overall goals, vision for the future and code of conduct

Annual report

A public company will have an annual report available. Refer to the report for information about what the company did and why, future directions, strategies, financial reports, key staff, and more. How to locate annual reports.

Library databases

You can access the Library databases on this list to search for different sources of information about an employer.


Library database
News and analyses
Company profiles,
SWOT analysis
Company finances, ownership
Industry information

Social media sites

Information found in social media can supplement information you have found in regular sources.

Note: information on social media is not always reliable and not all employers have a social media presence.


A social media networking site for professionals. See what jobs a company advertises,  what they communicate about their accomplishments, examine employee data, track company competitors.

  • Use it to view company information, make contacts so as to get an insider view of an employer, view the type of jobs available, and more.

Free to register for basic information.


Find out more about a company from its Facebook page.Track its products and services, or its competitors.


Find information about an employers' products/services, major developments, awards or initiatives. "Follow" a company or key employee to discover more.


See if there are any videos about new products or services, interviews with key staff.

What do employees think of an employer?

Refer to websites that provide reviews or rankings of an employer given by employees. 

Note: Treat the information found in some employer reviews with caution.


Jobs and recruiting site. Has employee reviews of companies, CEOs, interview process & more. 


Rankings of best employers. Taken from annual survey of students, graduates and professionals. Free summary is available for Hong Kong.


Job Crowd (U.K) Reviews of companies aimed at graduates

Firsthand (U.S.) Career intelligence and reviews of companies