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Keeping Current in your Field

This guide was created to keep you up-to-date with research information

New books at CityU Library by subject

You can keep current with newly added books, media resources, and databases by subject through browsing the New Library Materials page. On the page, click  to create a RSS feed.  

New books, media & articles at CityU Library that match your search

You can receive email alerts on new library items that match your searches in CityU LibraryFind. Below are the steps:

Step 1. Perform a search in the CityU LibraryFind.

Step 2. Sign in to your CityU LibraryFind account.

Step 3. Click on the Save querybutton, which appears above the search results, to save your query.

Step 4. Click on the Go to my favorites  button at the top right of search screen, then select the SAVED SEARCHES tab to display all of your saved searches.  Click on the Set an alert for this search button  that appears next to the query to set the alert. 

Note. You can also click on the Set an RSS for this search button for the saved search that you want to monitor. Subscribe to the feed if your browser has an RSS reader.

New book titles from publishers

Many publishers' websites list new publications and offer new books email announcement services. Some also provide RSS feeds .

CityU staff and students can make recommendations to the Library for the purchase of books relevant to your research and studies.

Below are some publishers' websites to explore: