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Idea Generation

Good ideas don't always come easily. Take a look at some of the topics below to help you stimulate your creativity, learn about the process of coming up with ideas, and get inspiration from what others are doing. Sometimes getting an idea can be as simple as just having some downtime.

Tools and techniques such as idea mapping and brainstorming can also help you get your ideas out in the open. More information about this is available below.

Stuck for an Idea?

How Entrepreneurs Come up with Great Ideas (4 min read)

Easy-to-follow tips on how to get inspiration from a range of sources, from your passions and everyday living to your subconscious. 

TEDxRoma: Creative thinking - how to get out of the box and generate ideas by Giovanni Corazza (video 13:38 mins)

Successful Business Ideas Don't Have to be Completely Original (4 min read)

Look for gaps in current technology to find new ideas. 

15 Ideas on How to Generate New Ideas (slides)

Tips include having some quality relaxation and downtime such as getting in touch with nature or meditation so as to allow your ideas to flow. Sounds great! 

Brush up Your Creativity Skills

Want to stimulate your creative skills so you can hone in on ideas for becoming an entrepreneur? Being creative is a skill you can learn, and with practice you can improve it. Take a look at the resources below which include tools and practical tips to help you stimulate your creative thinking skills.

Do You Have an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Entrepreneurship is a State of Mind (video 55 sec)
You need an innovative mindset to be a successful entrepreneur.

Cultivating the Mindset of an Entrepreneur (4 min read)
Describes 4 aspects of the entrepreneur's mindset: anticipating failure, staying curious, delegating, and following your instincts. 

10 Ways Entrepreneurs Think Differently (4 min read)
Entrepreneurs have a set of values and perspectives that allow them to think differently.

Three Key Traits to be a Successful Entrepreneur (5 min read)
These three key traits allow successful entrepreneurs to take action in times of uncertainty. From University of Warwick, UK.

Successful Entrepreneurs Have Killer Mindsets: Here's the 6 Attributes (41 slides)

How to Conduct a Productive Brainstorming Session

What is brainstorming?

Brainstorming is a group activity used to generate creative ideas. In the activity, group members are encouraged to think freely and without inhibitions so as to allow the free flow of creativity.

Brainstorming Done Right (video 3:41 min)
Covers the dos and don'ts of brainstorming.

Ten Steps for Great Brainstorming (12 slides)
Practical tips on how to prepare for and run a brainstorming session.

9 Simple Tips For Leading Brilliant Brainstorms
Covers nine tips designed for anyone who needs to tap into the creative resources of a group.

Online tutorial. Has a role-playing scenario and other activities to help you learn brainstorming techniques. 

Idea Mapping

What is idea-mapping?

Idea or mind mapping is a technique in which you create an image of a central idea in the middle of a blank page then draw branches from this image to break down the idea into different topics. Different colors, images and shapes are used to help stimulate your thinking. Idea-mapping can boost your creativity by helping you organize your thoughts in a visually stimulating way thus drawing on both the creative and logical sides of your brain.

How to Make Mind Map (video 2:51 min)
Covers the basics of mind-mapping to get you started.

Maximize the Power of Your Brain (video 5:38 min)
An explanation of the mind mapping technique from its creator Tony Buzan.

Mind mapping software (free)

Mind mapping software (free)

Test out Your Idea or Find New Ideas

Stories behind Creative Products

Get inspired by the stories of people here in Hong Kong and from overseas who have created start-ups. Find out what ideas they came up with, what motivated them, and read their tips. A lot of success is due to hard work!

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