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Establishing a New Limited Company

Under Hong Kong laws, any group or individual (not necessarily a Hong Kong resident) may incorporate a limited company or purchase a shell company in Hong Kong. After completing business registration, the company can commence business in Hong Kong.

The applicant may submit applications and required documents for incorporation of local companies online at the 24-hour portal e-Registry ( The applicant could also deliver the documents in hard copy form to the Hong Kong Companies Registry with the correct fees:

Major Fees

The fees for incorporating a company limited by shares are:

For the details of other major fees, please refer to

Processing time

Online applications for company incorporation and business registration can normally be processed within one hour. If you deliver your application in hard copy form, the Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration Certificate will normally be issued within four working days.


HK Government Websites

Flow Chart of Establishing a New Limited Company in HK

Choose the type of company that best suits your company’s purposes
(Company limited by shares / Company limited by guarantee)

Conduct a company name search through the Registry’s Cyber Search Centre

Choose a name for the company
(Please refer to the Guideline on Registration of Company Names for Hong Kong Companies)

Deliver the following documents with the correct fees either electronically through the Registry’s electronic service portal “e-Registry” or in hard copy form to the Companies Registry

For details, please refer to

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