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Maximizing your research visibility and impact

What does maximizing the visibility of your research mean?

Maximising the visibility of your research entails the promotion and dissemination of your research in ways that have the highest exposure and/or impact. It includes making your work easier to discover, having it available on a range of platforms, and using social media tools to promote your work




The benefits of maximising the visibility of your research include:

  • Widening your audience (general public, government, business, other scholars)
  • Increasing your citation counts and improving your H-index
  • Generating greater opportunities for sharing and collaboration with others 
  • Showing optimal use of publicly funded research.
  • Providing benefits to the university as a whole
  • Increasing employment/promotion prospects

About this guide

This guide provides information, including tips and relevant web sites on how you can maximise the visibility of your research. 

Use the tabs on the left of screen to learn how to:

  • Enhance discoverability of your research
  • Disseminate your research in ways to improve its visibility
  • Use social media