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Maximizing your research visibility and impact

How to disseminate your research to maximise its visibility

You can help promote your research by sharing it in ways that have the highest exposure and/or impact. This includes finding opportunites to present your research at conferences, making your research open access, publishing in high impact publications or making it freely available on the web.


Conferences are traditional platforms to showcase your research and share with a global community of researchers.

Try the tools below to locate a relevant conference:

Open access publishing

Make your research open access.

With open access you can make your research freely available on the web to anyone who has an internet connection. This widens your audience significantly.

Recent studies have begun to show that open access increases citation impact. 

CityU Scholars

If copyright restrictions allow, you can upload your open access publications to CityU Scholars, the university's showcase of research. 

Open access journals

You can choose to publish in open access journals. The articles in these journals are not hidden behind paid subscriptions which is the case with many academic journals.

Open access journals go through the same review process as paid subscription journals.

Open Access Publishing Research Guide

The Library research guide on Open Access Publishing has more detailed information on open access journals, repositories, and more.


To encourage open access to publications resulting from its funded research, the Research Grants Council (RGC) in Hong Kong requests Principal Investigators (PIs) to take note of its policy regarding making research open access.


High Impact Journals

Publish in high impact journals

High impact journals have articles that are cited frequently. To have an article published in this type of journal maximizes the exposure of your research. 

You can identify high impact journals in your area of research by searching the library database InCites Journal Citation ReportsIt contains information about the impact factor of a number of selected titles.

The Library's guide on the Impact of journals has more information about highly cited journals.

 Note. For early career researchers it can be difficult (but not impossible) to get an article published in this type of journal.

Freely available websites

Put your research on freely available websites (not just in journals or repositories) so as to attract a larger audience - (not just researchers).


  • Google Scholar CitationsExample
Profiles in Google Scholar can be made public to appear in Google Scholar results. 
  • Individual University websiteExample

Ensure information about your research output is up-to-date. Include links to articles.

  • Create your own websiteExample

You can use tools such as to create your own page.

Tip. Check the copyright restrictions of your publications and also that the publications assigned to you are correct before placing them on freely available websites.