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Maximizing your research visibility and impact

Make it easy for a search engine to find your research

Search engine optimization is the process of ensuring a website or a webpage ranks high in search engine results. You can help boost the ranking of your research in search engine results by choosing a search engine friendly title and abstract.

Search engine friendly titles and abstracts


Pick your keywords carefully. A search engine gives greater weight to words in a title. Think of words that a user would most likely think of when looking for information on your topic.

Tip. Research has begun to shown that short, clear titles that describe the principal findings or research outcomes are cited more often.


Reiterate keywords/phrases from the title in the abstract (but don’t over do it - search engines are smart!) to make it easier for a search engine to find it. Ideally, important keywords and research results should be included in the first few sentences of the abstract. Don't try to have too many keyword phrases, four or less should be fine so as not to overcrowd your information.

For more tips, refer to Search engine optimization for authors from the publisher Wiley