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Open Access Publishing

Green Open Access on CityU Scholars

CityU Scholars, as the university's institutional repository, supports green OA for its researchers. 

You can contact the Library's Research Support and Scholarly Communication Division ( if you would like to make your publication available on CityU Scholars. 

To facilitate the process, we would appreciate if your e-mail could attach the information specified below. 

  • Are these publications arising from a project fully or partially supported by an overseas funding body (e.g. NIH or Wellcome)? If yes, please specify.

  • Which project(s) in CityU Scholars is/are related to these publications? If yes, specify.

  • A copy of the copyright transfer agreement or the acceptance letter attached to the e-mail would be appreciated but not necessary. 

  • Please attach the postprint/accepted version to the e-mail for our process. 

Please note that due to resources constraint, research output directly uploaded to CityU Scholars without notifying us through would not be made available to the public. Please send us a e-mail if you wish to make your file open access through CityU Scholars.