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Open Access 3: Versions of Publications

Versions of Publications

When doing Green Open Access, take note on the publication version that you are going to archive. Most publishers specify on their website the versions of the work they allow researchers to deposit in an institutional repository for Open Access.


  • Preprint / Submitted manuscript / Author's original manuscript
    Author's original manuscript. Usually in word processing format, this is the version an author submits to a journal for consideration before the peer-review process.

  • Postprint / Accepted Author Manuscript
    Author's original manuscript but has has gone through the peer-review process (with all the revisions made during the peer-review process) and has been accepted by the publisher. It is usually prior to copy-editing and typesetting. 

  • Published Version / Version of Record (VoR)
    The formally published copy. This version goes through the copy-editing and typesetting processes with branding conducted by the publisher, and it is available on the publisher website. 


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