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OA Archiving (Green OA)

OA Archiving (i.e. Green OA) is also known as self-archiving. It is the practice of depositing a version of your manuscript into a repository to make it openly accessible. In contrast to Gold OA, the copyright for Green OA articles typically remains with the publisher, and there are specific terms and conditions that determine how and when the article may be made openly accessible in the repository. Green OA is inexpensive; following an embargo period, your article will be fully accessible, for no extra charge.


Versions of Publications CityU Scholars and Green OA How to self-archive your papers

Features of OA Archiving (Green OA)

  • Publications are made green open access in addition to being published traditionally.
  • Work can only be posted in specific websites, such as institutional repositories, subject repositories or employer's/personal websites. You may not be able to post your work on scholarly communication networks (e.g. ResearchGate). 
  • Restrictions on the version of publication posted might apply. Many publishers only allow the posting of the Post-print/Accepted Version on permitted sites.
  • Embargo periods may apply, in which a certain period of time must pass before you can make your articles available on the permitted sites.