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Open Access 3: CityU Scholars and Green OA

CityU Scholars and Green OA

The Library supports CityU community's Green OA needs via CityU Scholars platform (the integrated research information system of City University of Hong Kong).





Access CityU Scholars

If your work is not OA on the publisher's website at the time of publishing (i.e. not OA publishing) and you would like to make your publication OA by self-archiving the permitted version of your manuscript in CityU Scholars (usually postprint), you can contact the Library's Research Support and Scholarly Communication Section ( The Library will check if the publication concerned supports self-archiving with the related policies and guidelines (e.g. embargo periods, version allowed for self-archiving and credit line requirements).

To facilitate the process, it is appreciated if your e-mail could attach the information/documents specified below: 

  • Are these publications arising from a research project fully or partially supported by local / overseas funding body (e.g. RGC, NIH or Wellcome)? If yes, please specify.

  • Any project(s) in CityU Scholars is/are related to these publications? If yes, please specify.

  • A copy of the related publishing agreement or copyright transfer agreement

  • The postprint / accepted author manuscript of the article

Please e-mail the Library (at if you wish to make your file open access through CityU Scholars; publication files directly uploaded to CityU Scholars without notifying the Library may not get handled due to resources constraints.