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CityU Scholars Support Page


Managing your profile

What are the specifications for researcher's profile image on CityU Scholars?

Can I assign someone to manage my account?

What will happen to my profile if I leave CityU?

Managing your CV

How can I create a CV in CityU Scholars, and what kind of information can I include?

Managing your research output

Are all publications imported into CityU Scholars?

I have an article but it is not listed in my publication list, what can I do?

What should I do if I find publications in my profile that don't belong to me?

What should I do if I find duplicate records in my profile?

Managing your contents

What kind of contents do I have to input/update manually?

Can I select what content to display on the public portal?

Can I link contents together?

I’m a Research Postgraudate student. How can I submit an Electronic Thesis?

How can I add research grant records?

Open Access

Which full-text version should I upload for Open Access?

Where can I find information on Open Access?


Where can I view journal ranking information?

What are Altmetrics?

How are Altmetrics calculated?


What is the connection between PURE and CityU Scholars?

Which web browser should I use?

How do we appoint Departmental Administrators?