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CityU Scholars - Training Workshops (via Zoom) 

Research information collected in CityU Scholars provides records for the University’s reporting (e.g. the annual submission of research output to the RGC) and appraisal (e.g. the annual performance review) exercises. The Library is pleased to host the following training workshops via Zoom. Faculty members or their trusted users, research students, Departmental Administrators or any interested parties are welcome to attend. 

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CityU Scholars Training Workshops (via Zoom)

There are two identical workshops. Each workshop consists of a Common Core Session and two Elective Breakout Sessions. After the common session for all, attendees will attend a breakout session relevant to their respective user group. (Please see Note.)

Common Core Session: Research Output Records Management for all participants

  • Understanding Library's content management services of research output records
  • Claiming/disclaiming your authorship of research output records
  • Conducting manual input of research output records under appropriate RGC categories
  • Understanding what will be extracted for the annual submission of research output to the RGC and e-APR 
  • How trusted users/departmental administrators help 

Elective Breakout Session (1) for faculty and departmental administrators

A Close-up of Reporting Workflow: the workflow and timeline for synchronizing research information from CityU Scholars to the platforms for the annual submission of research output to the RGC, e-APR and knowledge transfer activities reporting will be covered. The purpose is to provide operational tips to the participants so that they know "when to do what" to make their reporting more streamlined and efficient. (This session will be conducted by ESU.)

Elective Breakout Session (2) for research students 

A Close-up of Electronic Theses Submission and Research Degree Planner: the submission process of completed theses online and also the synchronization of research information from CityU Scholars to the Research Degree Planner of RDSS will be mentioned. For the latter, research students will be informed of the types of records being included in their own Planner and when to make these records available in CityU Scholars.   

Note: A Zoom link will be emailed to all registrants before the start of the workshop. To ensure that your device is compatible with the breakout room feature in Zoom, please upgrade your Zoom to the latest version.  

28 June 2021 (Mon)

3:00pm - 4:30pm 



Online Registration 



30 June 2021 (Wed)

3:00pm - 4:30pm 



Online Registration 



Enrollment quota is 250 for each workshop. The Library reserves the right to cancel any workshop with less than five registrants. Enquiries could be directed to

We look forward to seeing you in Zoom!

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