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How to use CityU Scholars to create a CV

ORCID Exercise & Scopus Profile Refinement


CityU Scholars How to use CityU Scholars to create a CV

CityU Scholars is the University’s integrated research information system that aggregates research information from a variety of internal and external sources to support the University’s showcasing, reporting and benchmarking purposes. This 3-minute video provides a quick overview of the System.

Making use of your information in CityU Scholars, you can generate CVs for portal display or private use. This 2-minute video provides details on how to tailor-make your CVs with desired sections and contents, and how to export them in Word/PDF format for different purposes.

ORCID Exercise & Scopus Profile Refinement  

ORCID, which stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID, is a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes one researcher from the other. ORCID is universally used by publishers, funding agencies, databases etc. for manuscript submission, grant application and information sharing. ORCID Exercise is mandatory for faculty and research students at CityU. By integrating ORCID iD with CityU Scholars and the Library-verified Scopus Author ID (if any), researchers can benefit from the enriched profiles and metrics, as well as the record synchronization across systems to get recognition for all their contributions with minimum efforts. This 1-minute video provides more information.