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Business Information for Hong Kong and Shanghai


According to the latest Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI 35) Mar 2024Hong Kong is ranked the 4th international financial centres in the world. 

Hong Kong: the facts - Financial services a web page from the Hong Kong government, providing detailed information about Hong Kong's financial system

There are a number of major institutions within Hong Kong' s financial sector:

  • HKEx is the stock exchange of Hong Kong, one of the largest in Asia. It is operated by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited and regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission. It has a main board and a Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) for emerging companies.  The News Centre contains links to detailed surveys & research papers, including cash market transactions and derivatives market transactions. It also provides data on securities markets and derivatives markets.

Banking system

Hong Kong has the largest concentration of financial institutions in the world. Its banking system, supervised by the HKMA (Hong Kong Monetary Authority) operates according to the three tier banking system.

HKMA web site has a list of AIs (Authorised Institutions) i.e. depost taking institutions in Hong Kong as well as detailed information about the three tier banking system. (Enter three tier banking system into the site's search box.)

Hong Kong Commercial Banking Report (Library e-resource) Includes a five year forecast. Covers industry overview, SWOT analysis, and more.

Hong Kong Banking Report 2023. From KPMG.



Hong Kong's policy on trade*. From the Trade and Industry Department, Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong' has a free trade policy:

*no barriers on trade

*no tariff charges on importing or exporting goods

*licensing for imports and exports is kept to a minimum

Trade and Industry Department is responsible for enhancing and developing trade and industry. This includes maximising access to global markets for local trade and industry as well as helping them to be more competitive.

Trade Statistics from the Trade and Industry Department

Trade Statistics from globalEDGE, Michigan State University.

Hong Kong Trade and Development Council (HKTDC) offers market analysis and information to support Hong Kong businesses involved in trade activities. It provides latest news and insights on the Belt and Road Initiative.

Trade - Statistics

Trade statistics measure the quantity and value of a country's import and exports of goods. They are an indication of the health of an economy and provide information about trade flows and trends.

香港商品貿易統計 = Hong Kong merchandise trade statistics



Trade agreements

CEPA (Closer Economic Partnership Agreement) established in 2003 was the first ever trade agreement between the Mainland and Hong Kong opening up the Mainland's markets to Hong Kong's goods and services.

WTO (World Trade Organization). Hong Kong has been a member of the WTO since 1995.

HKTDC Export Index

HKTDC Export Index From the HKTDC (Hong Kong Trade & Development Council). Monitors the current export performance of Hong Kong traders & gauges near-term prospects.

Hong Kong dollar

 Did you know that?

  • As set out in article 112 in the basic law, the Hong Kong dollar is fully convertible meaning that it is freely exchangeable into other currencies or gold without government restrictions.
  • The Hong Kong dollar is not a free floating currency but is linked to the US dollar.  It is monitored by the HKMA.


The HKMA web site has information about Hong Kong's monetary policy.