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Business Information for Hong Kong and Shanghai

Shanghai - Legal environment

China Country Profile. Available in the Library database Business Source Complete. Refer to the section, Legal Landscape. It provides an overview and analysis of China's legal system and its impact on doing business. Contains information on the legal structure, business legislation, tax and trade regulations, labor law, business law reforms, and more.

Laws and regulations - Shanghai. From the Shanghai Municipal Government.

Starting a business in Shanghai. From the World Bank. Provides a detailed summary of bureaucratic and legal hurdles to incorporate and register a new business.

Ease of Doing Business in Shanghai China. From the World Bank. Compares the ease of starting a business, registering a property and enforcing a contract in Shanghai with other regions and cities in China.

Library resources for law

Business Laws and Regulations for China

Business law

The Law Library from the World Bank is a collection of free online business laws and regulations. It lets you create a report of all business laws or choose from a range of laws  for an economic region or a specific economy. 

Select China from the list of economies. You can create a report by selecting specific laws or opt to include all business laws in a report. Wherever possible links are to government web sites.

Note: Links are updated regularly but there is no guarantee that the laws are the latest version.

Business Structures

The government is keen to attract foreign investment but most are in the form of joint ventures (JV) between foreign and Chinese companies.

Procedures for establishing a Foreign Investment Enterprise (FIE). From the HKTDC

Shanghai Foreign Investment Service. Aims to improve the investment climate in Shanghai and to streamline the procdures for setting up a business. Contains information about laws and rules, policies, investment opportunities, and more.  


Taxation. From the HKTDC. Provides detailed information about China's taxation structure, inlcuding VAT (Value Added Taxation), consumption tax, business tax and more.

Taxation of enterprises doing business in Shanghai.

Shanghai Municipal Office and Shanghai Local Taxation Bureau 

Business reforms

Business Reforms from the World Bank,

Lists recent regulatory and legal reforms that have been put into place in China  making it easier to do business