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Company Information

Useful resources for identifying and locating various aspects of company information

Social media

Company information found in social media tools can supplement (not replace) information found in other regular sources such as company profiles, websites, journal articles.

Using social media you can monitor customer feedback, track company and brand trends, discover what companies are being talked about, identify competitors, and much more.

Social media may be especially helpful in locating information about private companies.

Tip. Be careful to evaluate information found in social media for accuracy, credibility and reliability.

Real-time search tools for social media

Try the tools below to search across the content of a wide range of social media sites:

  • SocialMention Searches across blogs, microblogs, events, meetings, and more. Rates search results by sentiment e.g. positive/negative/neutral
  • Emplifi Provides industry reports that reveal insights into the latest social media trends around the world. 
  • Google trends. Analyzes and rates web searches by the amount of web traffic generated. Use it to see what web interest there is in a company, its product or services. Compare results with competitors'.


May include referrals to company websites, products or services, or its competitors. Chinese sites include videos and images.

  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Sina Weibo
  • Tencent Weibo

Business networks

Some companies post their profiles on LinkedIn. See what jobs a company advertises,  see what they communicate about their accomplishments, examine employee data, track company competitors.

Social Networks

Find out more about a company from its profile in social networking sites e.g. company Facebook page.Track its products and services, or its competitors.

YouTube or other video sharing or picture sharing web sites.

Search to see if a company has uploaded a video or photos about itself, or its products and services. Track its competitors.

Evaluate what you find

Remember to evaluate information found in social media!

Before including information you've found in social media into your research, you should always evaluate it.  For a checklist of criteria to evaluate the information, refer to the Library Research guide page Evaluate your sources

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