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Company Information

Useful resources for identifying and locating various aspects of company information

Company profiles

Company profiles cover mostly large, public companies and a few global private companies. Generally they contain detailed information on finances, company developments and key employees. Often top competitors, SWOT analyses, stock performance, outlook, and more are included. 

Take a look at the Library resources below to find out more.

Key databases

Other databases

SWOT analyses

SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) analyses are available for some large companies. You can find many of them in CityU LibraryFind. Enter the word 'swot' and a company name in a keyword search.

They can also be located in individual Library databases as follows:

Company histories

A company history might be available for major public and private companies. It can include:

  • a company's formation, growth and expansion
  • key dates
  • major developments,
  • acquisitions
  • key executives, & more.

To find a company's history look at:

  • A company's website. A large company may have its history available online. Look for relevant links on the website, for example, 'About us', or 'Our history'.
  • CityU LibraryFind. To find books and book chapters on major public and private companies. Search by keyword using a company name. e.g. Facebook (Firm)