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Company Information

Useful resources for identifying and locating various aspects of company information

Private company information

Information about a private company can often be hard to find. It does not have the same legal requirements as a public company to release information about itself to the public. 

To find information, search:

* the Google. The company may have a website but note, its focus may be on the company's services or products, not the company itself.

newspaperstrade publications, magazines and journals for news about company developments, company products, staff movements, and more.

directories Find brief information such as address, line of business, and contacts. Sometimes sales and employee data is available. 

* company profiles provide an overview of company information. Sometimes large, global, private companies are covered.  

* Industry or professional association web sites. Sometimes these sites contain information about those companies operating within their industry or profession. 

Information on private companies in Hong Kong - Where to look


Business Source Complete (Library database). Provides brief information on financials, names of key staff, parent/subsidiary details, and more for over 18,000 public and private companies in Hong Kong. After entering the database, select "Company information" from top of screen. 

Hong Kong Trade Development Council Directory for information about those companies it has listed on its web site.

Companies' Registry from the Hong Kong government. Provides brief details for all companies registered in Hong Kong. For a fee you can request more detailed information.

Other sources

Print directories. Cover SMEs in Hong Kong, many of which are private. Have contact details, key staff and line of business. Generally the directories are arranged according to the industry in which a company operates. Note that print directories may not be the most current.

WisersOne. Library database. It covers local Hong Kong newspapers and business magazines and is a good source to locate news about private companies.

Factiva. Library database. You can search newspapers, business magazines, and more from overseas as well as from Hong Kong .

Directory of Hong Kong Trade and Industrial OrganisationsFrom the Hong Kong government. Sometimes information about companies operating within an industry is available.

How to tell if a company is public or private?

Web site

You can check a company's web site. If it is a public company there will be investor relations or shareholder information, data about stock performance, financial or annual reports, and more. For a private company no such information is provided.


For Hong Kong

Refer to the Hong Kong Companies' Registry which will provide information about a company's status. 

Don't forget about books, e-books, and more

The Library has a rich collection of books, e-books, and more covering company information.

Search the CityU LibraryFind by company name e.g. Ikea